TED Talk / PF on the road

On the Road, Talking to the world


As the movement start to gain power and grows up, we ve been ask to present it in lot of places
In front of small groups, in coffee shops in tel aviv or large crowd like 1500 people in Munich, or the Senator of Dallas and her invites
We try to attend any event to push the message, to deliver the idea that Peace is not just a dream but something we can do
People also use our material, (video, ted talk, pictures ) to make their own event and talk about the “we love you” community


Principia College Missouri-Visonary of the Year

The Talk was recorded in Jaffa, Israel, as part of Tedx Jaffa “Paradigm Shift” and was later on featured on the TED.com

home page for few weeks as “Talk of the week” and become a TED talk with over 1million views Since then Ronny his traveling,  giving this talk in numerous events, updating on the Peace Factory work.

link to the TED.com Page

Chicago Ideas Week

Ronny Edry Middle East-1 from Chicago Ideas Week

Ronny Edry from Chicago Ideas Week


Presenting the “Friend ME 4 Peace” project  for TEDx HIT Holon school of design

M.I.T Boston at the “Built Peace Conference

“Make a friend, Make Peace” – at Build Peace 2014



Paris Peace Conference

With Joujou from the Page Palestine-Loves-Israel, presenting together the Peacefactory and the “Make a friend, Make Peace” project 2014



LosAngeles. OTI & UCLA

meeting with OTI students in Irvine and LA, and Presenting the PF at a Gala dinner in LA, WIth all OTI members and UCLA President




Malaga, SPAIN, eSTAS week

03  0201

Munich Germany



Principia College, Public Affairs Conf, Euphrates Visonary of the week

Missouri USA

Euphrates Visionary of the Year Ronny Edry Keynote Speech at Principia Public Affairs Conference 2013 from Euphrates Institute


key note speaker, Principia college

For one week we ve been invited at the Principia college (missouri) the be keynote speaker at the PAC2013
we present the PF project in front of classes and at the huge  Cox Auditorium, on National air waves from saint louis, we meet with Janessa, and Forest from the college, with Rebecca Tobias from the Euphrates Institute and we ve been award the “Visionary of the Year Award”
We get to meet therefor the first time with Majid and his family from the page Iran loves Israel….
the all event was organized by an incredible group of student ( Natalie, Vincent, Abbie, Amy …….) the place is amazing , like a fairytale out of an old movie, up on the hills watching the Mississippi / Missouri river..it was Christmas, especially for ela and neri


at the design class, about viral design


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Day after arriving i went early in the morning and talk to a class about the middle east and the whole peace factory project, the fact that it was just a meeting in a small class open a good conversation, lot of honest questions.

we had there an incredible out of the blue meeting with Majid and his family. after month of talking on line we actually met in Missouri, was kind of surreal, but also so natural….Majid and family stay the night at Principia (thanks again janessa for that) and the kids become best friends. despite the fact that they don t speak the same language ela and Artemis become inseparable


Presenting the PF at SCLL Salt Lake City

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Sany and I went on a double meeting all the way to Utah
Here is the wholel story in few words…
-was short -we had fun -we met people on line and now we are friends
The way to Utah…was a disaster. we stop in Paris, it was snowing and we get delayed 10 hours. we got out and land …in Detroit. was snowing there also and get delayed again…we finally land in salt lake after a 30 h trip.
katy from slcc was waiting at the airport…sany s luggage wasn’t.

SLCC :salt lake community college
Katy , she was our host, guide and connection to SLCC, she teach English, she s nice, funny, full of energy, she s Adam partner, she s a mother and she take care of us like we were brothers

he s the head of geo department at SLCC, basket ball fan, got tattooed in the week end, took us trough the big city of SLC. friendly and always smiling.

so we got to the hotel, and 2 hours later we where on our way to the college
we meet there with Adam, charlotte and all the staff.
we present Israel-loves-Iran project and our take on the middle east, we had time to respond to questions, the amphy was full of young people from the school and families from the area come to be part of the event
Sany and I made a work shop after that with the students about getting involved in peace by pushing your own projects
we work for 2-3 hours with a large group of students we had lot of fun and pizza.

at that time i was so jetlag i was almost sleeping with my eyes open…
we got back to the hotel and meet with Katy and Adam after that for dinner
Mormon country, people don t drink, don t smoke don t spit. even coffee is a blasphemy. anyway they took us to a nice brewery, we tasted home made beer , burger and fries.
I slept like baby ( that s a lie…Sany almost lost hi passport. we didn’t sleep at all)

we met at 8 with Katy. and sany s passport. Adam had coffee ready for me and we headed to Provo…deeper in Mormon countryon the way we stop at a donuts factory and that alone was worth the all trip

The all idea ( coming to Utah) came and was organize by Jo.
We never met just mails, he s a professor of art at Brigham Young University (BYU).

When I first saw him he was completely different from what I was expecting.
sounds on the mails serious, strict and professional and here we where meeting with that 60 old look smiley farmer, strong handed, frank, sportive and funny.
Took us, me and Sany to meet with the head of visual art department.
the school looks just amazing. King a make me jealous we don t have the same facilities where I teach in Israel
we got the tour…. makes you want to be a student or a teacher there
(even if it s at the end of the world)

we present the PeaceFactory to the students and staff, and we had a poster workshop with the art and graphic students after that. In few hours we had them realize and upload some nice designs on FB..this was a great moment for me, working for the first time with American students later we meet with the head master of BYU , everybody were so nice to us. we had dinner in a magic place called Sundance (the Robert Redford film festival resort) and we sleep at Jo s house.
the day later Jo took us on a trip to the Utah mountains, he made jokes all the way in the car and showed us his country like we never new…that was the best part of all back from the mountains we meet again with Adam and Kati for a nice evening ….and up we were on our way back in

I m in Tel Aviv now and it all look surreal….just want to thank you all again for your hospitality and kindness to us ,for giving us the opportunity to speak about the middle east to your student and try to push for peace

Presenting the PF at BYU  Utah




Dallas TEXAS with senator Eddie Bernice Johnson


I was one week in Dallas presenting the PeaceFactory and all the work w did this past year.
I talk in front of the UN association , Texas-Israel chamber of commerce, the Dallas museum of Holocaust and the Iranian community at SMU university and I met with so many nice and understand people…
The big event was presenting the PF in front of the congresswomen Eddie Bernice Johnson at her annual event.
That was a key moment because it was some king of recognition of our effort toward peace by the an official of the US gov.
At the end of the presentation , the congresswomen went on stage and says
” this movement you started, may be the one who save us from world war 3″
(thanks to Shirin for all the Organization)

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Meeting with people ,making friends

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invite the PF to talk at an event